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Wilton reopens high school track, Fujitani field and tennis courts


WILTON, CT – The city will reopen Wilton High School Track and Tom Fujitani Field at Memorial Stadium on a limited basis, beginning Saturday, subject to social distancing requirements and the city’s guidelines for responsible gaming.

With the limited reopening, the following protocols are being implemented:

  • Athletics will be available only to the Wilton family, not to exceed a total of five people per designated area. Use is restricted to free family play. No team training. No private lessons.
  • The north and south sides of the field may be used from the 40 yard line to the end of the field. No play is allowed between the north 40 yard line and the south 40 yard line. No goals will be provided or permitted.
  • Residents can reserve the track or half the field for a period of one hour each day.
  • Use of athletics is by reservation only, no appointment. Reservations must be made online at the Wilton Parks & Recreation website. Contact Kregg Zulkeski if you are unable to access the Parks and Recreation website. Online reservations must be made 24 hours in advance.
  • All stadium stands, the fitness area and all other Wilton grounds remain closed to the public at this time.

Wilton posted a detailed Phase 1 protocol document for this limited reopening of athletics on its website. Field Access will be rolled out in phases, each with a specific and distinct protocol. The cooperation of those using the facilities is important to keep the community safe and to lay the foundation for the continued opening of the facilities.

Additionally, the Route 7/Wilton High School tennis courts will expand play options by now allowing singles (family and non-family play) and doubles (family play only). Players should review the updated Tennis Court Rules for Play on the Website and at the Tennis Courts, for information on play in non-family singles and family doubles only.

For more information, email Steve Pierce, Director of Parks and Recreation, or call him at 203-834-6234.

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