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Whitby mayor calls for tennis courts to return to town after Emma Radacanu’s stunning US Open win

Again this week Andy Murray underlined the importance of basic facilities following the announcement of a £ 22million government investment in public tennis courts, as he spoke about the importance of capitalizing on the success of 18-year-old Radacanu.

But, as Cllr Wild points out, there are no public courts in Whitby.

“We have to think of young people and indeed of all those who want to play tennis in the open air,” she said.

Whitby Mayor Cllr Linda Wild

“We want to give the young people of Whitby every chance to play tennis and aspire to be tennis champions in the future.

“You have to go to Danby to find the Whitby Tennis Club!”

“Scarborough has promised us development as part of its tennis strategy in 2019.

“As we all know a lot has changed because of the pandemic, but we are now very keen to get the tennis court back into service in the near future.”

Whitby’s public courts have been used by motorists who have parked around the leisure center for some time.

“I’m waiting for Scarborough Borough Council to get to the baseline and provide an ace response,” she said.

“It will be a great sporting asset and give Whitby youth the opportunity to broaden their sporting choices.

“As Andy Murray said, ‘This is clearly something that needs to be done and the courts need to be invested in making tennis more accessible to people.”

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