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West Lothian tennis courts promised an upgrade after a player broke his wrist


A public tennis court in West Lothian is set to be upgraded after a regular player slipped on loose stones, tripped and broke a wrist earlier this year

With the annual Wimbledon tournament about to begin, public interest is expected to increase as people search for racquets and try out. And West Lothian Council has insisted the Bathgate tennis courts in Kirkton Park will remain open during the Wimbledon Championships, with a contractor to be appointed to carry out the work in July.

The surface of the yard had begun to break. And according to a report to the board’s Governance and Risk Committee: “it deteriorates with age, resulting in areas of the bonded surface peeling off. This causes the accumulation of small stones on the surface of the ground.

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These have led to at least one reported incident where a player has broken his wrist.

Chairman of the G&R Committee, Conservative Group Leader Damian Doran-Timson asked: ‘Is this deterioration issue likely to have happened in other areas, and have we taken steps to ensure that anyone uses the courts does not suffer the same type of injury.”

Greg Welsh, head of education (early childhood, primary and resources), told the committee that community sports facilities are regularly checked for wear and tear.

He added: “Following the incident, it was noted that some of the surface was starting to peel off. We regularly monitor surfaces at community sports facilities and have undertaken a review of similar surfaces in all areas. sports facilities We found that none returned the required repair work.

He added: “We now have those repair estimates and work is progressing to update the surface of the courts at Kirkton Park. We also undertook an assessment of similar surfaces at community sports venues. »

Kirkton Park Community Tennis Courts on Edinburgh Road in Bathgate are paid public grounds run by West Lothian Council, with no membership required. The charge is £5.70 per pitch per hour.

A council spokesman said the tennis courts were still operational and added: ‘We are currently going through the procurement process for work to repaint the surface of the tennis courts at Kirkton Park in Bathgate.

“It should be finished by the end of June, and we expect a contractor to be appointed shortly thereafter to complete the work.”

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