Tennis courts

Urban planning repairs tennis courts in Lions Park


At their June 7 meeting, City Commissioners will consider awarding a $55,643 contract for repairs to the Lions Park tennis courts.

The tennis courts at Lions Park are in very poor condition, according to the city’s Parks and Recreation Department.

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“After extensive research and analysis, it was determined that the best and most cost effective alternative to replacing the courts included: 1) installing new fence posts, new posts, top rail, intermediate rail, gate and fencing fabric; Williamson Fencing was contracted for this part of the project; 2) milling the existing yard and covering with asphalt, which will be done by the works department street audiences; 3) installation of Sports Court of Montana custom sports court surface and lines,” according to the Park and Rec staff report.

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The recommended purchase and installation would be done by the City’s Sourcewell Membership, formerly the National Joint Powers Alliance, which is a government purchasing service cooperative.

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From then on, the city will work with contract managers at Sourcewell to verify pricing and discuss contract structures, according to Park and Rec, and then contract directly with vendors through Sourcewell.

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This project is budgeted in the Great Falls Park District Year Three funds, according to Park and Rec.

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