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The tennis courts are part of a larger plan for Slater Park, Vets Park | News


PAWTUCKET – Planned renovations to the tennis courts at Slater Memorial Park are part of a larger plan to make long-term improvements to two parks on opposite sides of the city, Slater Park and Fairlawn Veterans Memorial Park .

According to the Ministry of Public Works, upgrading the basketball courts at Veterans Park will be the next step after this project.

Emily Rizzo, spokeswoman for Mayor Donald Grebien’s office, said the city is in the process of writing a comprehensive plan for the two parks, with an analysis of needs and potential investments likely done by an outside firm. . Such a plan would ensure that investments are made in the amenities that are used the most and most in need of improvement.

As with Slater Park years ago, Veterans Park is set to see the development of a new dog park, and The breeze reported three weeks ago that the city was receiving $2.2 million in federal funds to upgrade the park’s swimming pool and add a kiddy pool.

While Veterans Park may never reach Slater Park’s status as a regional and recognizable destination, Rizzo said there is a great opportunity to improve its status to make the disparity between the two much less lopsided, by performing updates over a period similar to Slater Park.

Rizzo noted that Veterans Park is now home to the Pawtucket Slaterettes

A number of improvements have been made to Slater Park in recent years, including a revamp of the Looff Carousel, which is due to reopen for the season in a few weeks. An exterior scan would cover functionality throughout the park, including the operation of a disc golf course and the location of the dog park there and whether its location near the carousel is the best place to keep it.

Grebien and the city announced last week the reconstruction of the tennis courts located in Slater Park.

Starting Monday of this week, April 4, the tennis courts at the Armistice Boulevard entrance to Slater Park were scheduled to be closed for a full rebuild.

The upgraded courts are due for completion in June and include new surfaces, new fencing and the incorporation of pickleball with upgraded LED lighting. Additionally, a pavilion-style shade cover will be installed with benches and new ADA accessibility walkways for park-goers looking to watch a game.

“We are always working to improve the quality of life in Pawtucket for our residents,” Grebien said. “These new and improved tennis courts will help provide an excellent recreational opportunity for residents of all ages.”

The project is expected to cost around $850,000, with funds coming from the Pawtucket Recreational Bond. There will be a limited number of parking spaces during construction, however, the tennis courts will remain open for access.

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