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The Ministry of Telecoms announces 125 jobs in the fields of technological trainers

The Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications has announced the recruitment of 125 technology specialists for human resources training positions to ensure the proper deployment of the Kingdom’s digital government policies.

According to the Jan. 11 announcement, the 125 potential specialists would work at the ministry to strengthen and expand the use of technology for the delivery of better public services and to promote socio-economic development.

Available positions include openings for 15 cloud technology specialists; 15 in the data center; 15 in artificial intelligence (AI); 15 in software development; 15 in data science; 15 in cybersecurity; 15 in blockchain technology; and 20 in telecommunications infrastructure.

The ministry said applicants must have at least a bachelor’s degree in a field of study relevant to the position applied for and must be able to speak English.

The notice says applicants will receive additional training and other qualifications in each of the skills needed to perform their duties.

The department’s Under Secretary of State, Liv Sophanarith, told The Post that recruiting is necessary because human resources are a key driver in the field of technology.

“Thus, the ministry is working to recruit the brightest people in the Kingdom with knowledge in these areas to help develop the work in the field of technology to develop further,” he said.

He said the ministry has many projects for the telecommunications and technology sector, especially in promoting digital public services.

“The digital sector plays a very important role in supporting the economy and in social action. In particular, we see that at this point in the Covid-19 pandemic, the use of technology as well as digital systems are facilitating a better job for many people, ”he said.

Interested applicants can get applications through until January 28. Candidates will be invited to take a written exam and other practical knowledge tests followed by interviews.

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