Tennis courts

The Cartmel school wants to improve the tennis courts and make them available to the public

A REQUEST has been submitted to upgrade the tennis courts at a school in South Lakeland and make them available to the community after hours.

The package of work at Cartmel Priory School would include the installation of new surfaces, floodlights and fencing.

In a covering letter supporting the request to the district council, a school spokesperson said the current surface had worn and “dipped” in several areas, making it unsafe.

“During periods of wet weather – which we have quite a bit – the water stays on the surface,” he said.

“This dirt becomes silt, which must be cleaned before use to secure the courts and prevent any accidents or injuries.”

The spokesperson said the proposed renovated site would be a “multi-sport facility” with overlapping markings for four tennis courts, three netball courts, three basketball courts and a soccer field to be developed. Sockets for netball posts and tennis nets would be installed, while football goals would be built into the line of the fence itself.

The app says the new courts would be open to the public between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. on weeknights and until 8 p.m. on weekends.

As part of the program, additional drainage would be added to the courts. The new fences – at 3m – that would be installed would be 0.5m higher than the old ones and a second additional access gate would be added to the courts.

In the cover letter, the school spokesperson said: “Floodlights will be installed to provide sufficient light for the games to continue throughout the year.

“Our planning request is to light until 8.10pm to allow the public to leave the courts safely before the lights go out.

“The lights will not be on all the time but will be controlled so that they are only on when the courts are in use.

“The lighting designers advised the school to design a lighting system to adequately illuminate the courts but reduce unwanted light elsewhere.”

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