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Tennis courts across Britain will be renovated to boost participation


A renovation revolution is coming to tennis courts across the country in an effort to bring the sport to as many people as possible.

The LTA has invested £8m, backed by a further £22m from the government, to try and rejuvenate the country’s tennis courts.

The project is part of an overall LTA goal to increase participation across the country, which is a key objective of CEO Scott Lloyd.

He said: “It’s about making the sport as accessible as possible to anyone interested in it, whether you’re a fan, whether you’re a volunteer or hopefully have a racket and you were also playing.

“We are blessed with a very good court park and park facilities across the country, the problem is that many of these courts have fallen into disrepair over the years.

“Towards the end of last year, we were delighted that the government supported our own LTA investment to return some 2,000 park courts across the country to sustainable use.

“The LTA has invested £8m and the government has supported with 22 others and this investment will see every park facility across the country reviewed and invested in to get these courts back up and running.”

Along with renovating facilities, the LTA is also focusing on expanding access to the sport through its LTA Youth program.

The program will open up tennis to schoolchildren across the country so that young people can access the many benefits of playing the sport.

Tennis offers physical and mental health benefits to participants, who can be of all ages, backgrounds and abilities, and Lloyd wants to make sure everyone can reap the rewards.

“Last year we started a comprehensive kids tennis program called LTA Youth and the main driver for that is trying to bring LTA youth content to schools across the country,” Lloyd added. .

“We now have over 10,000 schools registered with LTA Youth, we have already trained 7,000 teachers to teach tennis in schools.

“Not necessarily on the tennis courts, sometimes in the playground, in the classroom or in school hallways – but it will hopefully broaden the base of our sport.

“That same content is sent to Girl Guides and Scouts, opening up tennis to hundreds of thousands more kids.”

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