Tennis courts

Shawnee residents will be able to play pickleball on redesigned tennis courts in two city parks

Shawnee is replacing tennis courts, fencing and aging field lighting – and also adding pickleball lines and nets – to Listowel and Herman Laird Parks. Above, the Herman Laird Park tennis court.

Pickleball lines and nets will be part of the new tennis courts at Listowel and Herman Laird Parks in Shawnee.

Shawnee plans to replace the aging tennis courts at both parks and also acquire new fencing and lighting.

Listowel Park is located at West 71st Street and Quivira, and Herman Laird Park is on Johnson Drive near downtown.

The tennis courts were installed in the 1970s and have undergone periodic maintenance, but they have “exhausted their useful life,” city staff reported in a memo. Problems include significant cracks in the asphalt and structural issues with lighting, fencing and netting.

In total, the project includes:

  • Replacement of asphalt pavement with post-tensioned concrete pavement
  • Removal and replacement of nets
  • Adding pickleball lines and nets
  • New fences and lot lighting

On February 22, Shawnee City Council agreed to hire North Kansas City-based McConnell & Associates for approximately $ 600,000 to complete the project.

City staff have identified $ 12,000 in savings to complete the two projects at the same time, according to city documents.

Replacing the courts is part of the City’s Parks and Recreation Master Plan.

City staff noted that the new type of coating is currently the best management practice for tennis court renovations. Lenexa and Olathe have carried out similar projects.

Additionally, city staff have indicated that these courts will be for both tennis and pickleball. While the courts are not just dedicated to pickleball, the movable nets will overlap the courts to be interchangeable. Leawood Courts have a similar system, according to the Town of Shawnee documents.

Projects must be completed by Dec. 31, according to the contract with McConnell & Associates.

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