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Share your thoughts on the refurbishment of the Armley Park tennis courts

Words: John Baron

Armley Park’s dilapidated tennis courts could be renovated and users would benefit from free tennis practice, if the proposals are supported by the public.

Leeds City Council, The Armley Park Friends Group and Armley’s advisers have been approached by the Lawn Tennis Association and the Fred Perry Tennis Trust.

Fred Perry began repainting public tennis courts in 2019 as part of their Court Makeover Program to support community projects and their drive for inclusion and increased accessibility of sport.

The Armley Park courts were nominated by the regional Lawn Tennis team and were chosen as a preferred site by Fred Perry as an opportunity to “open up tennis” to the entire local community.

The courts also need short-term investments in order to extend life and prevent rapid deterioration of the playing surface.

Fred Perry will cover the cost of a deep court cleaning, court repair and repainting of the four courts at a cost of around £ 11,000 and provide funding for school tennis tours involving three schools local primaries and free ongoing training.

The financing conditions include:

  • Establishment of an online registration and court reservation system, as used in 11 park locations across Leeds already. The courts will remain free to access and those who do not wish to book will be able to “walk” to play as they currently do. It is proposed that two courts be placed on the reservation system and that two courts remain otherwise.
  • Training on the Fred Perry branded courts would be provided by the LCC Leeds community tennis coaching team. This would include free weekly family coaching with equipment provided.

By accepting this offer, the condition of the tennis courts would be protected for an additional 10 to 12 years.

The council and the group of friends are also looking to provide additional bins and bike racks to keep the area litter-free and easier access to bikes.

Park users can give their opinion and comment on the proposal. It is hoped that the work will start in the spring of 2022.

You can send your comments by email to or through the Friends of Armley Park Facebook page. You can also call 07779 004747. Comments are open until October 20, 2021.

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