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Schenectady to address fee structure for Central Park tennis courts – The Daily Gazette

SCHENECTADY — The fee structure for booking a tennis court in Central Park will soon change, a move city officials hope will generate additional revenue and bring clarity to the booking process.

Under the proposal, which is expected to be voted on by the full city council after clearing the health and recreation committee on Monday, the usage structure for one of the park’s 17 lots would change to an hourly fee. Currently, those seeking to use the courts must obtain an ID card from the city’s recreation department.

Cards cost $30 for residents and $55 for non-residents. A fee of $100 is required to organize a tournament on the grounds according to the current structure adopted in 2017.

Andrew Koldin, the city’s company attorney, said the new structure would eliminate the need for an ID card and would not bar anyone seeking to use the courts without a reservation. Instead, the time structure would allow groups to reserve court in advance.

“Walk-in use of the tennis courts is always available. Nothing changes with that,” he said. “It just allows groups of people…if they want to use land at a particular time, they would basically have to reserve that time.”

The hourly fee under the new per yard structure would be:

  • Public agencies (including school districts): $5
  • Non-profit organizations: $5
  • Residents: $12
  • Non-residents: $15
  • Commercial entities: $18

The fee would only apply to courts located in Central Park and not those located along Michigan Avenue.

The United States Tennis Association and 15-Love, a nonprofit that uses tennis to teach children lifelong lessons, would be exempt from fees since both organizations helped restore tennis courts of the city a few years ago, according to Mayor Gary McCarthy.

“They contributed money to the last upgrade of those [Central Park] courts and the Michigan Avenue courts, so as part of that they can play for free,” he said.

Koldin said the city is still considering how it will enforce the booking process and is looking at ways to enforce the current rules following a number of complaints from skateboarders and individuals who don’t clean up after their pets. .

The city is currently looking to fill a vacancy for a parks manager, who Koldin said would ultimately be responsible for overseeing the reservations process. The city’s Department of General Services will oversee the program.

“The idea is to give everyone access somehow, but allowing someone to book a time,” he said. “If there is a problem, they will have to call the town hall if we are open. If not, we are working on what that process will be.

The adjustment to the fee schedule comes just weeks after the City Council voted to increase green fees at the Schenectady Municipal Golf Course due to projected increases in maintenance costs caused by golf chain issues. increased supply and use.

McCarthy said the city’s recreation opportunities have exploded in popularity in recent years, and the city is considering possibly bringing back a recreation card system that would give residents a discount when taking advantage of the city’s recreation opportunities.

“That had been scrapped and there was some consideration, maybe a year from now, of putting that back in place or something similar,” he said.

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