Tennis courts

Quesnel City Council votes to light pickleball and tennis courts at West Fraser Timber Park


The pickleball and tennis courts at West Fraser Timber Park in Quesnel will be lit.

The original plan was for the Quesnel Pickleball Club to install lights on only two of the 6 courts.

Jeff Norburn is the Director of Community Services.

“The Club’s request was presented to the Executive Committee at its meeting on April 13. The committee supported the project and expressed interest in exploring the possibility of expanding the scope of work to include the lighting of the six pickleball courts and two tennis courts.

The project’s estimated cost is $90,000, though Norburn says the city won’t pay the whole tab.

“The Pickleball Club has secured a grant of $10,000 and the Club has an additional $3,000 in cash which they are willing to contribute to the project. This translates to an estimated cost to the city of $77,000.

Norburn noted that the city’s money would come from the existing budget.

“The Public Works Department will not be proceeding with the West Fraser Timber Park Men’s Baseball Field Backstop Replacement Project in 2022, indicating that it would be best to await the results of the field review. ball that is currently underway.

As for when the lights will come on, Norburn says they’re not sure.

“There are supply chain issues. We hope they will be resolved as soon as possible, but that will not happen tomorrow.

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