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Province announces training program for carpentry and other areas of home construction


A new program offers free training and experience in various homebuilding trades.

The bridging program will welcome 166 Ontarians and will focus on carpentry, drywall installation, cement work, framing and heavy equipment operation.

“Program participants will learn general house building techniques, how to work with power tools, how to use different products in construction and occupational health and safety,” read a press release from the province. “The training will last up to eight months and will be delivered in the classroom and on construction sites by experienced tradespeople. Virtual training is also available. The project also supports employers who are currently looking for new talent by helping them train and offering incentives to hire graduates of the program.

“Participating employers can hire ready-to-use talent at the end of the program and will be reimbursed up to 30 percent of the employee’s salary up to a maximum of $ 3,000,” he continues.

Government officials say they expect a shortage of 100,000 construction workers over the next few years.

“The home construction industry and its workers build a vital part of our communities – the homes Ontario families can call their own,” Labor Minister Monte McNaughton said in a statement on Tuesday. “As more of these workers retire, we need talented people to fill their boots. Our government is giving people a helping hand towards well-paying and rewarding careers so that they can build better lives and more homes for all of us.

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