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Project “Mikavu”: Kerala strengthens the skills of people registered under MGNREGS in various fields | Thozhilurappu Kerala | vocational training government of Kerala


Kozhikode: Kerala has launched a project called “Mikavu” to improve the skills of people registered under the MGNREGS (Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme) in various fields. It is expected that the project will absorb around a lakh of individuals from across the state in the year 2021-2022 and equip them as experts in their respective fields. The training is aimed at people aged 18 to 50.

In particular, the pilot project has already started in various neighborhoods. Initially, four panchayats in each district will be selected for training. In Kozhikode district, training started in four panchayats – Chathamangalam, Karasseri, Panangad and Kottur. Once completed, the training will be gradually extended to other panchayats. About 100 skilled workers are expected to be present in a panchayat.

In Kerala there are 20.62 lakh people who are actively part of MGNREGS. In Kozhikode alone, there are 2 lakh people. A worker can earn Rs 291 per day from the scehem. The new project is likely to increase the number of working days.

Initially, training will be provided in small construction related activities such as building a compost pit and asola tank. Likewise, individuals will be involved in setting up a henhouse and a goat barn.

The plan is to gradually develop a team of skilled workers who can be involved in various panchayat projects, including the work of MGNREGS. Workers with expertise could be involved in construction work and the construction of compound walls.

At the same time, the Kerala Local Government Institute (KILA) is also expanding its support for training. Those who have acquired skills will obtain an Engineers Certificate in Gram Panchayats and Block Panchayats. On this basis, they will be involved in various works. An employment bank will be set up from the pool formed. It is expected that he will ensure the work and daily income.

According to TM Mohammed Jha, Joint Development Commissioner and Joint Program Coordinator of the MGNREGS project in Kozhikode, the new project will be useful to working families. About 99 percent of people enrolled in the MGNREGS program are women. When they get the best income, it will be useful for their families. At the same time, there will be change among young people, ”he said.

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