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Nahant renovated the Flash Road Playground basketball and tennis courts


On Friday, the ribbon is cut for the renovated courts at Flash Road Playground in Nahant. (Spenser Hasak)

NAHANT – The city yesterday held a groundbreaking ceremony for the new basketball and tennis courts behind the Flash Road Playground. The 30-year-old basketball court and two tennis courts were renovated with funding from the Community Preservation Act (CPA). Both facilities are free and open to the public.

“This was an almost $300,000 Community Preservation Act funded project to rebuild a 30-year-old basketball court and tennis courts,” City Manager Antonio Barletta said.

He said the whole process with the application took about two or three years and the city started working on it in 2018-2019. The construction itself took about a year, Barletta said. Zach Taylor, Superintendent of Public Works, said the contractor for the project was Green Acres.

“The project used money the city set aside, and it was supplemented with state funding,” said Nancy Cantelmo of the Community Preservation Committee.

Committee chairwoman Lynne Spencer added that the money the city had set aside for the project was the property surcharge. She said the city needed the project because the old facilities were dilapidated and broken and could no longer be used.

Spencer added that in recent years, Nahant has spent about $500,000 on recreational facilities open to the whole community, and those projects have included improvements to Johnson Elementary School and some of the city’s playgrounds.

The renovated sports facilities use the same footprint as the old courts, Barletta said. The projects are intended to be used by people of all ages. Residents and children said they were excited about the upgraded facilities.

While the adults were thrilled to give “the kids a chance to get out of their homes and away from their iPads and the TV,” as Nahant resident Kellie Frary put it, the kids were thrilled to now have another place to play sports at.

Bingham Palmer, 8, said he was excited because he enjoyed playing basketball with his friends in the summer, and his brother Wilder Palmer, 4, said he also enjoyed playing with his brother.

“I’m really excited because I’m excited to play with my mom, and really happy that we have a new tennis court, and I just think it’s going to be fun,” 10-year-old Charlotte Kuschnir said.

Herbie Duane, 8, said he liked the courts because “they look good and they’re good basketball courts.” And Mel Pillias, 7, said she was excited because she enjoyed playing tennis with her mum for a while. Amelia Lauck, 6, said she liked that there was both a basketball court and tennis courts, as her brother liked to play basketball and she liked to play tennis.

“I’m excited because I love playing tennis, and I’ve been playing for a while, because it makes me feel powerful, when I hit the ball, and I like that more people can play,” said Lilly Carr, 12.

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