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McKinley School pickleball and tennis courts could be renovated by the city – Pasadena Now


City Council will likely move forward with a contract for NoHo Builders for renovations to the McKinley School pickleball and tennis courts located at 325 South Oak Knoll Avenue for an amount not to exceed $217,625.

The McKinley School has four existing tennis courts which have not been used for five years due to their dilapidated condition. According to city staff, the concrete courts are badly cracked and the protective court surfacing and scratches have deteriorated to an unplayable state.

Due to the increasing demand for pickleball facilities, the city is proposing the restoration of the four tennis courts to include two dedicated pickleball courts, two dedicated tennis courts and a hybrid court with boards to accommodate one tennis court or two courts additional pickleballs.

According to the city staff report, NoHo Constructors’ scope of work would include repairing cracks, resurfacing, stripping pickleball and tennis courts, installing new pickleball and tennis poles and nets, repairing gates and chain link fences and setting up a new site. furniture, including benches and the pruning of trees and shrubs impacting the playing area of ​​the course.

“It is recommended that NoHo Constructors be awarded the contract for this project as they are the lowest, responsive and responsible bidder. The proposed contract with NoHo Constructors fully complies with the bidding and living wage orders,” the staff report states.

NoHo Constructors has satisfactorily executed work for the City in the past, including the renovation of the Brookside Park tennis courts in 2018 for a contract amount of $390,000 and the renovation of the Robinson Park outdoor basketball courts in 2021 for a contractual amount of $450,000, among other projects.

In addition to approving the contract, city staff are also asking the city council to amend the 2010 master joint use agreement between the city and the PUSD on the use of the McKinley School athletic fields to allow the construction of the project.

The cost of repairs and improvements to the land, in accordance with the agreement, will be borne by the City. Maintenance of the courts will be the sole responsibility of PUSD.

Under the amendment, the City’s time of use during the school year will be 4:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. weekdays and 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. weekends, with the exception of PUSD scheduled events.

The City Council meeting can be accessed via:

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