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Justin Fields and the WR Bears are doing extra work


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Justin Champs and its receivers are trying to catch up with a slow start.

The fields only has two passing touchdowns and six interceptions during the season, and his chemistry with players like Allen Robinson and Cole Kmet is not what many were hoping for. Heading into the team’s Week 8 game against the San Francisco 49ers, Fields says he and his teammates are trying something new.

While With the Bears’ 38-3 loss to the Buccaneers last weekend, many on Bears Twitter observed that the timing between Fields and Robinson in particular was off. For his part, A-Rob noted this week that “there weren’t a lot of shots we took throughout training camp,” but Fields doesn’t think chemistry is the issue.

“We have strong chemistry. Of course we have to improve. It’s not the best in the country, sure, but we’re growing every day, so I mean, me, him, and other receivers are going to start meeting on Zoom on our own and sort of start bringing together. our own thing, “said Fields, also noting that he and his wide receivers could change things up in terms of the course to make the games more to their liking.” As much as we need to and we’ve just talked about it collectively. as a group. As much as we need … maybe by changing the routes on some games or something like that. So as much as needed. “

The The Bears currently have the leanest passing attack in the NFL, averaging 124.4 yards per game. Since it’s not 1970 anymore, it’s not going to cut him in this league anymore.

So far in the season, Darnell mooney caught 27 passes on 44 targets for 345 yards, Robinson has 23 catches on 40 targets and 250 yards, Kmet has 19 catches on 30 targets and Marquise Goodwin has nine receptions on 17 targets for 91 yards. No player averages more than 13.0 yards per catch (Mooney is the team’s best, averaging 12.8 yards per catch).

“Of of course i don’t forget that i’m a rookie and i have a lot to learn, but at the same time i think i’m good enough and smart enough to be able to make the right decisions on the pitch and be successful on the pitch ”, Fields said.

He’s not wrong, and after going through training camp and pretty much the entire offseason without working too much with the first team receiving the body, a slow start this is to be expected. Now the rookie QB and several key attacking players are trying to figure things out – and what’s encouraging is that they’re doing it together, and on their own accord.

“Only to get some chemistry in watching the game together and seeing the other opponent’s things, something that we can pick up and maybe audible and get a key to what they’re doing in the game, ”Mooney said about Zoom meetings with Fields. “And then when we get into the game, we see each other and echo each other. Or make it like a play where we know what’s going on and try to echo what they’re doing. Or try to echo what they’re doing. to hear what they’re doing. “

Mooney also said that Fields taking this type of leadership as a rookie is important.

“I that means a lot. Obviously, he wants to win. We also want to win. So I mean, chemistry takes a long time to build. But we are trying to speed up the process, to get it where we need it now. This is the thing that we are working on. “

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