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Huntington Town will beautify 4 tennis courts, 2 gazebos in two parks

The four tennis courts in Heckscher Park and the roofs of the two gazebos in Halesite Park will all be replaced this fall.

Huntington Town’s Greenspace and Parks Advisory Committee recommended the improvements to City Council. The committee heard presentations from the Maritimes Department regarding the replacement of the gazebo roofs and from the Department of Engineering Services regarding the tennis court renovations.

Cracks seen on the surface of a tennis court in Heckscher Park on Thursday. The surfaces of four of the courts will be replaced. Credit: Raychel Brightman

“The surface of the Heckscher Park tennis court has been cracking for 20 years and has had to be paved every 4 or 5 years, but the problem persists,” City Supervisor Chad A. Lupinacci said in a statement. E-mail. “Now they’re tearing up the 20-year-old sub-basement and putting in new courts, which are expected to last 20 years.”

Lupinacci said the roofs of the Halesite Park gazebo were old and rotting.

Rebuilding the courts will cost no more than $242,160, according to city documents. The work will be implemented by the Bay Shore-based LandTek Group, which has a / contract with the city. The company submitted a proposal for the project to the city on August 9.

City officials said the tennis renovation project is scheduled to begin Oct. 12, after the Huntington Township Chamber of Commerce’s Fall Festival held in the park. The park is located at NY-25A and Prime Avenue.

The replacement of the gazebo roofs should begin the first week...

Replacement of the gazebo roofs is expected to begin the first week of October, city officials said. Credit: Raychel Brightman

Work to replace the gazebo roofs with asphalt shingles is expected to begin the first week of October, city officials said. The cost of materials should not exceed $8,100 and the work will be carried out by the general services department. Halesite Park is on Anchorage Lane.

All the money will come from the reserve fund for the development of green spaces and parks, on the recommendation of the EOSPA committee.

The city council voted to approve the improvements at the September 14 city council meeting 5-0.

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