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How Justin Fields ranks with other NFL starting QBs


Justin Fields may have captured the imagination of Bears fans, but the writers at FanNation’s websites want to see more before they’re convinced he’s even a middle passer.

Fields finished 25th in the quarterback rankings in a poll by FanNation editors that cover NFL teams. His best ranking was 19th. He had two votes for 19th, and his low vote was 30th.

Sunday’s opener at Soldier Field isn’t exactly a must-see from a quarterback seeding perspective, as 49ers quarterback Trey Lance is ranked 27th.

His highest vote was 16th and he also had a 17th. He had three votes for the 30th and three for the last, No. 32.

Patrick Mahomes was seeded first, Josh Allen second and Aaron Rodgers third.

Tampa Bay’s 45-year-old quarterback Tom Brady is ranked fourth, even after missing much of training camp for unexplained reasons.

Two youngsters, Joe Burrow and Justin Herbert, tied for fifth and Super Bowl winner Matthew Stafford tied for seventh.

Here are the rankings and their average position:

Ranking of QBs

By FanNation Editors

1. Patrick Mahomes 1.9

2.Josh Allen 2.45

3. Aaron Rodgers 2.9

4.Tom Brady 3.4

T5. Joe Terrier 6.1

T5. Justin Herbert 6.1

7. Matthew Stafford 7.65

8. Lamar Jackson 8.0

9. Russell Willson 9.05

10. Dak Prescott 10.45

11. Deshaun Watson 10.6

12. Derek Carr 11.3

13. Kyler Murray 11.95

14. Matt Ryan 15.25

15.Kirk Cousins ​​15.8

16. Ryan Tannehill 17.3

17.MacJones 17.95

18. Jalen Hurts 18.2

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19. Mayfield Baker 19.75

20. James Winston 20.35

21. Trevor Lawrence 20.85

22. Tua Tagovailoa 22.8

23. Carson Wentz 23.05

24. Jared Goff 23.55

25. Justin Fields 24.85

26. Davis Mills 25.75

27. Trey Lance 25.9

28. Zach Wilson 26.45

29. Marcus Mariota 27.45

30. Mitchell Trubisky 27.95

31. Daniel Jones 29.25

32. Lock drawn 31.46

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