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Gold Fields Damang Mine provides vocational training in host communities to improve life after mining


Gold Fields Damang Mine, says its decision to provide vocational training to young people in host communities will help improve their lives, especially after mining.

According to Gold Fields Damang Mine Community Affairs Manager, Abdul Razak Yakubu, while many people in most mining communities depend on the mine for employment, it is important to recognize that the acquisition of learning skills will position them to become self-employed and economically independent. .

It was in this context that he urged young people from host communities at Goldfields Damang mine to take advantage of the community learning program in place to improve employment opportunities beyond the mine.

For example, Gold Fields Damang Mine, through the Goldfields Ghana Foundation, launched a $121,000 “Community Apprenticeship Training Program” in 2021.

The program is expected to last two years and some 48 people are already receiving various apprenticeship trainings.

Mr Yakubu, who was speaking at a review meeting, six months after the start of the program, explained that the program is part of Goldfields Damang Mine’s interventions “to create jobs beyond the mining company “.

He said it is because people depend on the mine for employment, adding that it is not sustainable given the mine’s dwindling fortunes.

“We encourage people to take an apprenticeship, to learn their trade so that they become employers in the future.”

As part of the training, he said participants will take the National Vocational Technical Institute (NVTI) practical exam to become certified.

Certification should help beneficiaries to be able to enforce and enforce formal contracts.

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