Tennis courts

Gering School Board allocates $ 200,000 for tennis courts | Education

“We have a strong pickleball community,” he said, referring to the growing Carpenter Center program. “Pickleball feeds tennis.”

It’s not just the pickleball community, either. Swank suggested that the Gering Tennis Club needed good community courts. According to Amy Seiler, director of parks, recreation and recreation services at Gering, the club is booming.

“We have a very strong adult summer tennis program that is very crowded, and we have a lot of people who have participated in it in the past,” she said.

Club member Dennis Sullivan spoke at the meeting to represent the club and its needs.

“As a survivor of a knee injury – it didn’t happen on the courts – but I don’t want it to happen again,” he said.

That just might be everyone’s biggest concern, said Melissa Moreno, parent of a senior tennis player at Gering.

“For a parent, I find safety the biggest issue,” she said. “The surface is actually loose. So when I have been there during the summer and the previous summers to hit balls with my son you can slip and there is a risk of falling and injury. And so my biggest concern is safety, not just for my son, but for all the boys on the team and everyone who comes to play from the community as well.

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