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Funding could be used to improve park tennis courts – Birkenhead News

Wirral Parks Tennis Courts could benefit from a £300,000 investment that would improve facilities, increase participation in play and secure the courts’ long-term future.

Funding is provided by the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) with the aim of bringing and maintaining public tennis courts to a good standard of playability for the benefit of local communities.

In Wirral, this will see improvements to 36 courts at 12 different park tennis venues in the borough. All venues will receive a new gate system linked to the LTA’s reservation system, while the courts in the worst condition will be refurbished and others refurbished and improved in various ways.

Alongside this investment, Wirral Council will work with the LTA and its partners to introduce a new way of managing tennis in the parks that will aim to increase participation through better programming, engagement with communities and to maintain affordable and accessible sport.

Cllr Liz Grey, Chair of Wirral Council’s Environment, Climate Emergencies and Transport Committee, said: “We welcome this significant investment from the LTA. If the local tennis courts are improved and of a higher standard, we hope that many more people will be able to enjoy tennis locally. This will be a fundamental part of Wirral’s new sport and physical activity strategy and is closely linked to the Wirral 2026 plan which prioritizes health equity in the borough.

“As well as increasing activity levels to improve health and well-being, by providing good quality facilities locally, the committee was keen to ensure that this would be done in a sustainable and socially just way. “

The goal is for the plan to be approved in the fall. The 12 sites that would benefit from the improvements are:

• Arrowe Park (1 court)
• Ashton Park, West Kirby (2)
• Birkenhead Park (6)
• Coronation Park, Greasby (1)
• Harrison Park, Wallasey (7)
• Bebington Upper Park (3)
• Irby Park (2)
• Marine Park, New Brighton (4)
• Parade gardens of Meols (2)
• New ferry park (4)
• Saughall Barn (2)
• Torr Park, Eastham (2)

Image: Matthew Turner

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