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Flintshire: Vandalized tennis courts just days after renovation


Flintshire TENNIS courts have been vandalized just days after being refurbished.

Hawarden Tennis Courts, based next to Gladstone Playgrounds, were repainted last week – only to have the work tarnished a few days later.

The cyclists left marks on the newly painted surface and lowered one of the nets.

Tennis coach, Mike Herd, who regularly uses the facility for sessions, said he was now “deeply concerned” about the future of the courts – which are run by the Hawarden Community Council in partnership with the Hawarden TennisClub.

He said: “The council has spent a lot of money investing in the courts to improve them and protect them for the future.

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“Unfortunately, there are regular issues with the bikes and footballs used on the pitches damaging the surface and the nets.

“I am deeply concerned about the future of the courts.”

The chef: Before and after the renovation of the courts. Before and after the renovation of the courts.

The courts used to be open 24 hours a day, but are now subject to a padlock and an online booking system due to anti-social behavior issues there.

“It provides safety, ensures the courts are used for tennis and the community investment is protected for everyone,” Mike said.

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He added: “Tennis Wales made a proposal last year to the council regarding the installation of a gate access system, and they would also help with any maintenance costs.

“Maintenance costs are extremely high and many councils cannot afford them, leading to the disappearance of the courts.

“Tennis Wales have offered to charge a small fee (as well as free access) to use the courts with all funds necessary to maintain and protect the facilities.”

Mike added that hopes the community council will resume negotiations with Tennis Wales to help protect the courts for the foreseeable future.

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