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FIFA World Cup: Wodonga Baranduda Fields could serve as training base for international team | Border mail

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International footballers could move into the facilities at Baranduda Fields ahead of the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2023. What is expected to be the largest regional sports complex between Sydney and Melbourne is expected to be completed before the tournament, which is being jointly hosted by Australia and New Zealand. For the first time ever, 32 nations will take part in the Women’s World Cup, playing in eight groups of four, and border football authorities are hoping one of those teams will set up their training camp here. Wodonga council this week shared drone footage showing how work had started at Baranduda Fields, with the main road through the site taking shape as well as the pad for Australia’s first rules oval. “The Baranduda project is on track for two years,” said Murray United chairman Darren Yates. “The tenders have been put out for the pavilion and the football fields, so it’s pretty exciting and it will coincide with the Women’s World Cup in 2023.” It is still not out of the question that we may be able to do so. see international teams at Wodonga and we hope to be one of the main tenants of this facility, alongside the Albury-Wodonga Football Association. “For an international team to visit Albury-Wodonga they need to have a facility like Baranduda Fields. In reality, this will require commitment from Football Australia and lobbying from Football Victoria and Football NSW, which we can do. locally through the council to contact these federations abroad when looking for training bases until 2023. “On the Border would also open up opportunities for AWFA. “If we can get access to their coaches and players, it’s great for our kids to be a little bit impressed with football,” said AWFA President Mark Leman. : “The work they can do to help develop women’s football, just by being in town, will also be huge.” We will be looking at some projects around the Women’s World Cup and running some women’s programs, especially during this period. The World Cup is a great opportunity for us and Murray to coexist and promote women participation. “The Baranduda facility will be a great facility for us to co-share at some point. Definitely talk to the board and talk to Murray about how we can work together and use this space.” Our reporters are working hard to provide insight. local and up-to-date news to the community. This is how you can continue to access our trusted content:


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