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Egypt is committed to strengthening the capacities of Africans in various fields: Shoukry


Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry on Sunday opened the meeting of the standing committee for monitoring Egyptian-African relations, which is held under the chairmanship of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the composition of various ministries, government agencies and the private sector.

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Ambassador Ahmed Hafez said Minister Sameh Shoukry underlined the Egyptian state’s constant orientation to give political priority to the advancement and development of Egyptian relations with the African countries.

This comes in light of the historical bond and common strategic interests that bind Egypt to the countries of the continent in a framework of mutual respect and mutual benefit.

Shoukry stressed the need to coordinate and strengthen national efforts in order to continue the active movement in the African arena and promote bilateral relations with various countries and regions of the continent in various areas of common priority for both parties ،

He reiterated that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through its diplomatic missions abroad, gives priority to Egyptian national companies and private sector institutions to facilitate their access to the markets of African countries, as well as to improve the terms of exchange and economic cooperation with the countries of the continent.

Shoukry also underlined Egypt’s commitment to continue training and capacity building activities for African executives in various fields within the framework of solidarity, brotherhood and integration.

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