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Council considers options to rehabilitate tennis courts at Allan Witt Park


FAIRFIELD – Tennis and pickleball were on the minds of city residents and city council members on Tuesday night.

Deputy Director of Public Works Ryan Panganiban gave a presentation on the Allan Witt Community Park Tennis Court Rehabilitation Project.

Panganiban showed footage of the state of the courts, and they are torn and in need of repair. He presented two options to council: repair the holes ($ 156,000) or completely resurface new land ($ 1.6 million).

Public feedback on the proposed new fields was strong, with the majority hoping Fairfield could beef up their pickleball fields at the same time.

What is pickleball? The sport of racket is an amalgamation of tennis, table tennis and badminton. Players use a paddle to throw a light ball similar to a wiffle ball.

Speakers said there were plenty of fans in Fairfield, with people lining up to play due to limited space availability. Two pickleball courts fit into the space of a tennis court, one resident said, and another added that there are “hundreds” of players statewide.

The council was open to improving the tennis courts and creating a place for pickleball people. Panganiban and City Manager Stefan Chatwin agreed to create a funding proposal for the two ideas – the repair option or the total overhaul, and bring it back to council.

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