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Cockburn High School: 3G pitch and tennis courts could be built on former South Leeds golf course grounds


A new 3G pitch and tennis courts could be built on land that was once part of South Leeds Golf Course, which closed in 2019 and was later taken over by the City Council.

Under this scheme, facilities would be operated by Cockburn High School in Beeston, for the benefit of its students.

However, the local community could also use them outside school hours.

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Former South Leeds Golf Course. Photo: Google.

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Among opponents’ concerns are “increased traffic in the area causing disruption and increased parking pressures on surrounding streets”, according to a council report.

Campers Save South Leeds Former Golf Course Community Group (SSLFGCCG) are also against the plan, pointing to the loss of green space, trees and wildlife.

However, the plans are driven by the school’s need for sports facilities, with the number of pupils attending Cockburn having increased by 25% in the past two years.

The report says: “As a result, this has put additional pressure on existing formal outdoor play spaces.

“It is understood that this is exacerbated during periods of wet weather, existing 3G locations at school remain in use but grassed areas are unsuitable due to waterlogging.”

Councilors will be asked for their input at a planning meeting on July 7 next week, but no final decisions are expected to be made then.

The proposals do not affect the 48-hectare nature park that the council cultivates over much of the rest of the old golf course.

This program, which will include 20,000 trees and a memorial to those who died from Covid during the pandemic, began in January.

Speaking at the time, Councilor Salma Arif, Executive Member for Public Health and Active Living, said: “We hope that by creating this beautiful forest, it will give people a space to reflect, relax and enjoy the peaceful surroundings; while taking advantage of the recreational opportunities offered by the park.

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