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Bond Commission approves West Hartford tennis courts and additional projects – We-Ha

The replacement of the 24 tennis courts at Conard and Hall High Schools in West Hartford was approved at Thursday’s meeting of the State Bond Commission.

By Ronni Newton

Twenty-four tennis courts in West Hartford – 12 each at Conard and Hall High Schools – will be fully renovated with state support through the approval of the 24-Point State Bond Commission Agenda Projects Thursday, March 31.

The State Bond Commission first met in 2022 and, with minimal discussion, approved $333 million in general bonds in what was also its first all-in-person meeting since the coronavirus pandemic began. COVID-19, reported

“We just finished one of the fastest bond commission meetings in history and I think we accomplished a lot,” Governor Ned Lamont told reporters after the meeting.

The bond will be used for transportation upgrades, computer upgrades and grants to support city building projects like the West Hartford tennis courts.

The 25-year-old Conard and Hall High School tennis courts have reached the end of their useful life, and the $3 million replacement cost has been included in the city’s capital improvement plan. city ​​for the 2022-2023 financial year.

The 24 tennis courts – 12 in each of the public high schools – are used by Conard and Hall’s girls’ and boys’ tennis teams, other students and are also free and accessible to other members of the community. They also serve as the site for the state high school tennis championship competition.

The plans — which were developed in collaboration between the city and West Hartford Public Schools — include replacing existing asphalt courts with state-of-the-art tension concrete courts, as well as replacing fences and outer nets. The new courts would have a 20-year warranty against structural cracking, heaving and settling, as well as a 10-year warranty against bubbling and peeling.

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