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BJP accuses man of attacking and vandalizing Delhi CM Kejriwal residence in MCD polls


Pradeep Tiwari is one of eight BJYM workers arrested for vandalizing the home of Arvind Kejriwal in March. Now, he is the BJP candidate from Ramesh Nagar ward for the upcoming Delhi civic body polls.

Pradeep Tiwari is third from the right. (Photo: Adesh Gupta/Twitter)

By Amit Bhardwaj: The front door of the residence of the chief minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal, was vandalized on March 30. The charges had fallen directly on the group of protesters Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM) led by BJP MP Tejasvi Surya. BJYM workers – who were protesting against the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and CM Kejriwal’s statements about the Kashmir Files movie – had broken down arrow barriers at the front door of the CM residence. CCTV cameras were vandalized and saffron paint was thrown at the gate.

Later, Delhi police arrested eight defendants in the vandalism case. Upon their release on bail in April, Delhi’s BJP released a shocker. Delhi BJP leader Adesh Gupta circled the eight defendants and called them “Yuva Krantikaris“.

Third from the right in the photo below is Pradeep Tiwari.

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First garlanded and now rewarded for attacking and vandalizing CM Kejriwal’s residence. Not only has Delhi’s BJP leader endorsed Tiwari’s candidacy, but the party is also projecting him as the voice of the slum and JJ cluster. The BJP projects him as the voice and aspirations of voters from the lower economic strata who live in the slums of Delhi, jhuggis and JJ clusters.

Notably, the saffron party has traditionally found itself at odds with this bank of voters in the nation’s capital. But is this just an attempt to woo slum voters and jhuggi groups or is there a bigger message at stake? Tiwari continues to be charged with vandalism outside CM Kejriwal’s residence.

But Tiwari appears to defy the allegations made against him. When asked if he had been rewarded by the BJP for protests at the Delhi CM residence, Tiwari said: “A hard worker has been recognized and rewarded by the party.”

“We organized a demonstration in front of CM Kejriwal’s residence under the leadership of Tejasvi Surya Ji. We expressed our anger because CM Kejriwal made fun of the feelings of Hindus, he made fun of the movie Kashmir Files,” Tiwari told India Today.

Tiwari goes on to say that he will do the same if needed or requested by the party.

“All political parties and their workers are organizing demonstrations. If necessary, I will repeat the same thing, I will be the first level of protest. Whenever my party asks me to protest, I will protest the same,” Tiwari said after being asked if he had repented of the vandalism outside the Delhi CM House.

Notably, Delhi’s BJP Secretary of State and Head of JJ Cluster wing, Neeraj Tiwari, defended Pradeep Tiwari’s candidacy.

“Nothing has been proven against Pradeep Tiwari yet. He is a defendant in the case, not a convict. Also, after the CM House attack incident, Pradeep and other volunteers like him surrendered to Delhi Police,” Delhi JJ Cell official told India Today.

“It was the AAP that gave tickets to the corrupt, the gundas and the rioters. The BJP gave tickets to hard-working party workers like Pradeep Tiwari.


After the Delhi CM House vandalism incident, the AAP approached a court in Delhi for breach of security of CM Kejriwal. Delhi Dy CM Manish Sisodia went so far as to call the incident a “plot to kill CM Kejriwal”.

The AAP is once again training the BJP for granting the candidacy of Pradeep Tiwari, who is one of eight defendants in the CM House vandalism case.

“The BJP has lined up a”gundawho is accused of committing acts of vandalism outside the popular residence of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. They had presented a candidate (Pradeep Tiwari) who had broken the surveillance cameras and the barricades where the family of the chief minister and his relatives reside. He was part of the mob who intended to carry out a plot to kill CM Kejriwal,” said local AAP MP for Moti Nagar, Shiv Charan Goel.

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“The BJP first put this garland gunda in the party office and he lined it up from ward number 91 in the MCD polls. This exposes the BJP’s double standard.”

Meanwhile, on Sunday, a group of BJP workers attempted to hurl slogans against the AAP and CM Kejriwal as he addressed a jansabha in Karol Bagh seeking votes for his party in the MCD poll. The leader of the AAP had called the BJP workers “gundas”.

As the campaign for the civic ballot gathers pace in Delhi next week, a slugfest between the two contenders is likely to intensify.

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