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Application for padel courts in Warrington filed

A request to bring padel courts to Warrington has been filed.

The sport, which is a mixture of tennis and squash, has grown in popularity in recent years.

The Grappenhall Sports Club made the request to the council in the hope that behind their one tennis court they can have two padel courts, which are around 25% smaller than a normal tennis court.

The project, which comes with a roof, would be funded by Game for Padel, who loved the site.

Tennis club head coach James Clever thinks it would be great for the region.

“It would be huge for the local community,” he said.

“The closest padel court to Warrington is in Huddersfield, there’s one on the Etihad campus but it’s reserved for Manchester City players, and they are building some in Liverpool.

“We hope it will pass because it’s just another sporting activity. It’s not like we put a new building there, it’s another sport that happens in a sports club.

James – administrator of the sports club and the tennis club – has had the idea in mind for about three years.

He continued, “I knew it was getting pretty popular, and then Andy Murray got involved recently, so it’s just getting more and more popular. The Lawn Tennis Association is really trying to promote padel.

More details on the padel tennis application

“You don’t have to be brilliant at tennis to play it. You can play it two or four. The games can be booked online, you don’t need to be a member and it should take around an hour.

Steve Garbutt, a tennis coach involved with the club, said: “The reallocation of the land within the existing sports club to add indoor padel courts provides an improved facility with a wider range of activities to encourage the community. to exercise more without encroaching on any ground beyond the boundaries of the existing club.

“The covered outdoor space can be used primarily for paddle tennis, but it is flexible and could accommodate other community groups looking for a local venue that is protected from the elements and can operate year round.”

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