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A little love for the local tennis courts | Local news

Led by a still relatively new nonprofit group, an impetus is now gaining ground to give some love to the Pauls Valley tennis courts.

Part of the Wacker Park Courts update plan recently received a boost, while another part appears to be costly as a longer-term approach will be required.

The boost comes with the approval of $ 15,000 from the city’s tourism fund to help cover the resurfacing costs of the four courts on the east side of the local park.

“Our first priority is these tennis courts,” said Allison Dunham of the Pauls Valley Parks Foundation, established last year.

“The courts will be the first step. They are not in such bad shape. We will probably be able to just rearrange those courts. This is not the case for the courts in the West.

According to Dunhan, the parks group has already raised nearly $ 20,000 privately. The total cost of resurfacing the four east courts could amount to $ 50,000.

She hastens to add work on these lands which could possibly begin as early as this fall. It will include the replacement of nets and fences.

The story is quite different for the eight courts in the middle of the PV park on the west side.

“The courts in the west are in a terrible state,” says Dunham. “They will have to be torn apart and rebuilt. “

She says any improvement plan must first receive approval from the city of Pauls Valley, as the courts are in a city park.

Not only are these courts in poor condition, they are just a bit smaller and not up to standard tennis size.

Estimates for completing this second phase, supplemented by “first-rate” courts, amount to around $ 400,000.

Dunham and fellow foundation Kyle Readnour say the non-profit group was formed for one purpose: to help meet the needs of one of the parks in the city of Pauls Valley.

“We are not with the city and we are not with the school,” Dunham said.

“We are a non-profit organization that will fundraise for things we would like to see done in Wacker Park. The catalyst for forming the foundation was the tennis courts.

“We decided to become a non-profit so that we could then try to get grants. We were looking for grant possibilities.

“We’re trying to bring some things together,” Readnour said. “We are heading in the right direction now. “

The group members chose to apply for tourism funding because they believe tennis courts can be a tourist attraction in bringing visitors to Pauls Valley.

“I think our parks are our biggest tourist attraction. When you go to the park the first thing you see are the tennis courts, ”Dunham said.

“Tourism is one of them. Once the courts are finished, we can finally host USTA tournaments and attract a lot of people to tennis. “

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