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5 bears to go – the athletic


When false starts or other mistakes occurred during practice at Ohio State, players were punished for it.

“They even made me run laps if I was doing something wrong,” quarterback Justin Fields said.

It’s a story Fields told Monday night after the Bears lost to the Vikings. He was asked about his frustrations and the mistakes that continue to occur on offense so late in the season for the Bears.

“We’re going to do something to fix this, and I know what it is, I know everyone will be okay with that,” Fields said. “And we’ll fix it. “

It’s high time the Bears listened to what Fields is saying, whether in team meetings or in public. But his Monday night post-game press conference seemed barely out of the 2019 season, when Mitch Trubisky was the quarterback and coach Matt Nagy’s offense failed to produce. This is where this week’s five takeaways column begins.

Fix the impossible

Now that he’s starting his career at age 10, Fields has some idea of ​​what he can do. He mentioned playing outside the pocket. With Nagy calling games, the Bears took out Fields and changed his pitching points against Minnesota. But there were more Fields.

“When we’re doing games without a huddle, I think our offense is very effective in doing it just because we know about these games,” Fields said. “It is literally not a reflection. We line up and run these pieces, and I know where all the answers to the blanket they give us are. I think that puts our attack in a rhythm.

It works for him because it also works for the players around him.

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